AŞWAN BÖREK is a brand from Anatolia.

"Aswan" means in the oriental languages ​​a 'Miller'.

Since 1998, various Turkish Mediterranean bakeries were opened in the largest cities of Belgium, such as Brussels and Antwerp. Besides the traditional Belgian and French pastries such as croissants, chocolate rolls, and etc, there was also a very strong demand for the Mediterranean pastries and sandwiches, such as simit, börek, filled with delicious feta cheese, olives, spinach, etc.

The sector had a clear shortage of suppliers, who were specialized in the Mediterranean products.

The reasons therefore were:

  • Expensive employment costs
  • Lack of professional, well-trained stuff
  • Shortage of the baker's production capacity
  • Permanent quality and service of the suppliers

In 2002 we decided to fill up this gape in the market. Our aim was bringing the flavor of Anatolia, Balkans and the Middle East with its rich and varied pastry specialties into the European market in a professional way and according to the EU standards.

After a thorough market research, we have determined our product range, surely taking into account the tastes of European customers. We have created a niche market, cooperating with various partners / wholesalers in the region.

What makes us different:

  • Permanent quality and service
  • Specific products
  • Use of the latest technology
  • Determination
  • Use of bio-products
  • EU-norms of safety and hygiene
  • Own distribution network of local suppliers through Benelux, Germany and France
  • Regular research oriented to the market and our competitors
Europakarte Aswan